Nothing but the help me God.

More than religion, relationship. That is what faith is all about!


Working Together

It's amazing how you can be in a huge crowd, but feel completely alone. That was never how it was supposed to be with the Body of Christ. Too many folks think that faith is in the building (church) and then you go out into the world and you're all alone. We need to be taught better. Clearly we need to be taught to be the conduit for God to flow through and also to be directed how to know who to flow to. I think we should see ourselves as the Temple of the Holy Spirit of God, ready to touch and change the lives of hurting folks. Let's explore this together!
You are more beautiful than the most gorgeous cathedral, it's time someone told you that!

A Functioning Body

We are more than just a group of humans stuck together in a building, never connecting, never flowing. We are supposed to each have the measure of faith and that measure is supposed to be used for the good of the whole Body. The Body isn't just in the United States, it's worldwide. Just like a natural body there are cells, making up organs, making up systems. A natural body that doesn't communicate in harmony is said to be ill.

Let's tap into the power Yeshuah left us when he ascended into the clouds before Shavuot (Pentecost)! Let's see ourselves as a body. We know more about the human body than every before in history. It's time for us to take that knowledge and use it for the kingdom of heaven!

Praying Together

Please get in touch and together we can achieve better results.


The Proverbial Woman

Living The Word

Faith is divine power bringing the spiritual into manifestation in the natural realm. We all yearn for God to manifest in our everyday lives. Follow me as I act on the eternal promises found in the written word, God’s love letters to us! 


All About Me

I entered the kingdom of God in March of 1981 and have been on my personal journey drawing closer to God ever since. My frustration with traditional religion caused me to delve into the word and to hunt for others in a similar place. I don’t always have the answers, but I know the One who does. It is my desire to connect with others in a similar place. 
The written word tells me that God, YHVH as the Hebrew writers called Him, is the same yesterday, today and FOREVER. I want a God who never changes, is dependable and will not lie. Those same writers said, “It is impossible for Him to lie”! In a world full of deception and deceivers, I find great comfort that YHVH can not lie! 


I look forward to adding testimonials from folks that have shared in the prosperity that comes from a life lived according to the word of God. There is nothing as exciting as spiritual fruit harvested from direct communication with the Father!

I'd love to hear your testimony and all that the Heavenly Father has done for you, His faithfulness and favor as He touches the broken areas in your life and makes them BRAND NEW!

I'd like to know about you...


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