• Cerise Cherry

A Bare Footed Army

(Part 1)


‭EPHESIANS‬ ‭6:15‬ ‭NASB‬‬

I’m half tempted to give a grammar lesson here because so many get this verse so wrong because they don’t see the subject of the sentence. The subject of the sentence is “the preparation of the gospel”. Can you see it here? Really look at it. The shoes Paul speaks of here of are “the preparation of the gospel”, not the gospel itself. Sure the gospel brings peace, but that peace isn’t the subject, again it’s the PREPARATION of the gospel of peace. 

So many leaders in the Body get stumped when they see people go back into the world after receiving the Lord, but if they had been taught to prepare the hearts of the lambs they were leading to RECEIVE the engrafted Word fewer would leave, and they themselves would be more productive in spiritual things. 

Let’s go to a picture painted many times in the word, both the new covenant and the old. I’m trusting this phrase will open your eyes to the truth God wants imparted to the Body. “Prepare ye the way of the Lord”.  It’s in several places in the Bible. Why does God ever repeat Himself in many places in the Bible? Because He believes it is important! 

Matthew 3:3

Malachi 3:1

Isaiah 40:3

Mark 3:1

Luke 3:48

I found it in five places in the word. I would say preparing for the gospel of peace to enter the world was a biggie to God if He repeated it that many times. John the baptizer was the one who came preaching “prepare ye the way of the Lord”. What did he preach? Repentance from the dead works of the flesh or self determination, self will. Before the seed of the word can successfully enter into the ground of our hearts, the ground must be readied. Throughout the old covenant books we see the people told to prepare their hearts to receive God to speak. No farmer worth his salt would plant seed in fallow or unprepared ground. The whole idea of seedtime is to receive an abundant harvest. God wants an abundant harvest as well. “The fields are white unto harvest”... 

I hear religious people say, “just repent” like it’s a matter of simply changing ones mind. Repentance is a gift of God, and therefore must be asked for and received. It isn’t something one does just any old time. Salvation is a free gift from God, but it has to be asked for and received as well. 

There is a process to sowing and reaping, and there is a process to receiving the engrafted word of God into your heart. His Word is referred to as seed for a reason, so you’ll understand how it works. Yeshuah told us that IF we understand the parable of the sower we could understand all the parables. That’s huge! Everything he spoke was a parable with hidden meaning. You’ve got to dig to find and understand it. 

If every time a preacher stood behind a pulpit he had the people prepare themselves for the word to be sown in their hearts, the message would stand a far better chance of changing lives. If every time we sat down to study the word, or merely read a devotional we would ask God to give us repentance from dead works and help us hold the seed in our hearts, we would be more receptive and productive! 

There are some simple things you personally can do to prepare your heart. If you’re like me you prefer a list that you can memorize or write down and implement. 

1. Pray before reading or studying

2. Confess any sin in your life 

3. Ask God for repentance from self will and any work of the flesh

4. Thank Him for forgiveness and repentance 

5. Study

These steps are much like preparing your boots before you enter into a battle. You clean your boots, put fresh laces, polish them and then put them on. You are preparing for battle and you would never try to fight bare footed. NEVER!!! 

I challenge you to also study the parable of the sower. You will see the different soil types and how unproductive they are IF unprepared to receive seed. 

You can find the parable in Matthew 13, Mark 4 and Luke 8. I can assure you that understanding this parable has revolutionized my spiritual walk. I may teach on it after the armor. 

Now go get your boots on soldiers. There are some rough roads ahead and you need to be shod NOW!!!


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