• Cerise Cherry

A Sanded Cross?

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

We hate to suffer, persecution is unpleasant, we dislike struggles, we abhor conflict and confrontation, but what happens when we are called to all of the above? 

A certain person once said, “In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer for I have overcome”. This person set the standard of victory, and we now have the way to overcome as well. 

Once upon a time just before time was recorded The Creator said to His creation, “Don’t eat this, for in the day that you do (click: time began) you shall surely die”. The creation didn’t appear to die the second he ate the forbidden fruit, but death was working in him (tick tick). Not only was it working in him, it was working in his reproductive system. It was working in the seed that he would plant. 

Within each one of us that believe and have faith in these truths are two diametrically opposing forces; life and death. The Creator told us we would have to CHOOSE life (and the blessing) or we would have to CHOOSE death (and the curse). Both of these are at work without much influence from us. 

Once you believe the words of The Creator, you have to act upon His words. You must follow the will or plan His words demand. You must see the logic and sense in His will. You must force your dying self to chase the words of life He set before you. 

The ONLY way to have His life living in you, is to lay down our own lives and do EXACTLY what His plan demands. You can’t be half in and half out of following Him. If you do death has a foothold. It’s like sanding your cross thinking it won’t hurt as much to die on it. 

We are told to take up our crosses and follow Him. We are instructed to DAILY take our crosses and follow the example of the overcomer. We are to be living dying sacrifices! I once was meditating on these truths,. I saw that we have to die on our own crosses everyday. I immediately went to the Father. I said, “Father, you told us to daily take up our crosses, Yeshuah only had to die once!” He didn’t respond, but Yeshuah did! He chuckled while saying, “I told you greater works you would do”. I told him, “I didn’t think that is what you meant and it wasn’t funny”. It sure messed with my theology on the matter. I had to choose the life and truth in what he had said”. Every single day of our experience we will be asked to lay down our lives in a myriad of situations. We will either lay them down and live, or resist it and die a little more. Seems rather impossible! I’m pretty sure it’s the reason we must completely surrender to God and His grace in order to accomplish it. 

You can pick the lumber, you can have it professionally built by a master carpenter and even sand it smooth as glass, but a cross is still a cross. Hiding from it only kills you faster! The best course of action? Climb up on your cross and live. 



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