• Cerise Cherry

Back in the Saddle Again

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

After a hiatus of a few years I've decided to start fresh with my site. I'm having to learn all about web authoring in a whole new way so the starting is hesitant! I feel like I'm on a horse with hiccups! At any rate I trust that God will use me as a scribe with the pen of a ready writer. (Notice, I didn't say rider!) Oh for a good pun from time to time.

Proverbial Woman is all about practical application of faith in the lives of women around the globe. The internet is such a big place these days, and I'm hoping that my site touches the hearts and needs of all who find it. May Abba lead your steps as you too seek His face in these last challenging days.

Cerise Cherry

Once you fall off the horse, you must get back on.


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