• Cerise Cherry

Every Good and Perfect Gift

I’m constantly amazed at how misrepresented God is by man. Just like the guy given one talent who complained that his master was an “austere man” (rough and severe), so many believe that God and His representatives are “narrow minded”, and “straight laced”. The man with one talent said his master reaped where he had not sown. Where did he get the one talent he hid in a napkin and buried? 

A side note: God hates sin. Why? Because sin causes death. He hates death. Why? Because spiritual death separates men from God. God is love. He hates hate! He hates death, but He IS love. Sins are laws, unchangeable laws that have been broken. God doesn’t tell us about sin to ruin our lives, but to warn us about their cost. 

Let’s look at another law that we can all understand, the law of gravity. It keeps us on planet earth. That is good! BUT if we break the law by jumping or accidentally falling off a two story building it will work whether we like it or not. It will hurl us to back to earth. Even if we didn’t know that it could kill us, it will kill us. The fall may be invigorating, but the stopping, well not so much! 

God is more than kind and generous, but you wouldn’t believe that if you listened to the vast majority of religious folks. They report that God wants you poor, He heals when He feels like it, and He’s seconds away from thumping you for any infraction. Thankfully God is always near when we fall victim to the tempter, but that’s because He has promised to make a way of escape from any and every temptation to sin. He stands ready to provide that way. He isn’t thumping, He’s waiting. As soon as we call on His name, His Word, or ask for help “blammo” He’s provided it. AND if we fall, as soon as we confess the fall He is present to forgive. 

God isn’t an opportunist, He isn’t a voyeur watching us from behind a curtain. He is everywhere and He upholds EVERYTHING by the Word of His power. He put His faith in seed form within His word and then released it. His Spirit went along with all the elements in His Word and caused it to germinate and multiply!  God can’t help but be present, which is to our benefit. Another truth, the enemy can’t be everywhere at all times. He ain’t God! He is ONLY god of this cosmos. God limited his abilities! Yay!!! He is a created being. The creation is NEVER greater than the Creator. Yay again!!! He does have 1/3 of the angels that he orders around. They come and go in a frantic hurry, trying to start fires and keep them burning. God is ALWAYS ready to put them out by the water that is His Word! 

We need a list of every good thing God has done. Oh wait, we have one, it’s the Bible! The following verse was written by the half brother of Yeshuah, Yacov aka as James. It needs to be our measuring stick of whether something is from God or not. 

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” ‭‭James‬ ‭1:17‬ ‭KJV‬‬


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