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Exploring the holy scriptures

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

The word of God is eternal and holds the answers to the questions of the ages. No other text promises to be the same yesterday, today and forever. For that reason the written word can be considered bedrock to our faith. YHVH promised He was the same, that He changes not! He also told us that His word was alive, living and transformative! He likened it to seed that could be sown, watered, weeded and harvested. He also gave us the knowledge about His enemy, a fallen archangel we call Satan. Actually satan simply means adversary and he is truly that. He is constantly trying to steal the word from our hearts. The written word, tells us about the living word. I consider the written word the love letters of our God. His living word, His Son, Yahowshuah Hamashiach (aka Jesus the Anointed Messiah) became the living word! If you know the written word well enough you can recognize the living word!

The more of the word I know, the closer I am drawn to Yeshuah (shortened Hebrew form of Yahowshuah). Yahowshuah is Hebrew for the salvation of Yah. YHVH is the transliteration of the Hebrew name of God. They use no vowels in Hebrew, but tiny marks called jots and tittles. Yah is a very personal name of God. Those who believe in Yeshuah now have access to YHVH! He is the salvation of YAH! That thrills me.

I want to share what He has revealed to me as I have walked with him for nearly 40 years! What He has shared has transformed me from a mess to a message! Come study the holy scriptures with me so you too can have a closer walk with Yeshuah and ultimately with YHVH. He is our Abba Father and we really need to know Him so we can walk close to Him!

Welcome all you who are seeking His face!

Cerise Cherry

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