• Cerise Cherry

Solitary Confinement

Ok, so I’m not alone in this time of “social distancing”, but it sure feels like it. I’m so accustomed to going where I want, when I want, with whom I choose. This thing takes self control and discipline. When I do get out, I see panicky people completely out of their comfort zones. A long time ago I prayed, “Lord, I want to be in the midst of chaos and be in perfect peace”. What was I thinking? It’s been sad, “be careful what you pray for because you may not like what you get”. That’s for certain in this instance.

I am enjoying all the time I have to do things I only got to do occasionally. I have a craft room full of craft supplies, but I only got to play in it as a reward. I am now in there much more often. I have rediscovered my love of murder mystery novels. I’ve discovered some new authors, some good and others that should stick to reading rather than writing. I’m also enjoying my animals more. They had become burdens and obligations, but my compassion level has grown considerably after this forced voluntary isolation. My cats never go outside. I can’t imagine that for myself. So I’m cuddling them more, playing games with them more and enjoying them. Before I fed them, watered them and cleaned up after them. I rarely played with them. That has changed.

I appreciate interacting with humans so much more. I knew that friends were important before, but it’s weird to reminisce about spending an hour with a group of people. I miss church in its traditional format. Hugging used to be something I did, now it’s something I really miss. I hunt out my husband for my oxytocin fix much more often.

I’ve neglected this website/blog. That will not happen. Venting, sharing, and communicating is so importan now.

The busy part of my day starts now. I have 30 cards to send out for Resurrection Day so I’d better get busy now.

April 2, 2020



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